Introducing Harbortouch Echo

Harbortouch Echo combines the power and functionality of a traditional POS system with the simplicity and sleek design of a tablet.

Built-for-purpose hardware with support for NFC, EMV and Apple Pay(TM)

Cutting-edge payment techology supports NFC, EMV and Apply Pay(TM)

Cloud-based reporting and POS management

Comprehensive training and 24/7 support

The lowest cost of ownership for any POS system on the market!

No up-front costs | Only $29 per month | Lifetime equipment warranty. Plus 30-day trial period!

Harbortouch POS System Review: Fork To Fender

Discover how Harbortouch POS helped Julie Ireland take her single food truck and grow it into a bustling restaurant and bar, while still serving as a hub for local food trucks.

Intuitive & Robust Software

  • Get started quickly with our simple set-up wizard
  • Customizable, easy-to-use software with features for both restaurant and retail businesses
  • Module-based software allows you to hide features you don’t need in order to maintain an uncluttered interface for simplicity and ease of use
  • Software can be customized to three main levels of functionality to grow with your business
    • Basic calculator functionality
    • Cash register interface
    • Full POS system
  • Full remote update capability ensures that you will always have the latest features and functionality

Built-For-Purpose Hardware

  • All-aluminum construction
  • 13.3″ touch-screen display
  • Super fast flash storage
  • Dual-hinged stand for flexible adjustment
  • Integrated customer display
  • 180° rotation allow customer to sign on screen

And Much, Much More!

  • Unlimited categories, items and modifiers
  • Harbortouch Echo POSKeyword tags and search function to easily find items
  • View quantity-on-hand inventory
  • Manage employees with built-in time clock
  • Customer database integrated with Perkwave mobile app
  • E-receipt functionality

Cutting-Edge Technology

Harbortouch Echo POS
Perkwave Pay-at-the-Table App Powered by Apply Pay

Harbortouch has developed a mobile application for the Apple iPhone® called Perkwave which enable your customers to pay their bill right from their phone using Apply Pay. The app integrated directly into your POS system so the entire transaction will be as seamless as any other payment type. Perkwave also allows you to offer a mobile program to your customers right through the app.

Lighthouse Reporting
Lighthouse Reporting Platform

The Lighthouse is a cloud-based management and reporting tool that communicates information between your POS system and our online merchant portal. It eliminates the need for a back-office PC by allowing you to access the information on your POS system from any computer with an Internet connection. Among other features, the Lighthouse enables you to run various real-time reports and even make changes to your menu remotely. The Lighthouse puts you in total control of you business, without being tied to your business.

Harbortouch Echo POS
Wireless Connectivity

Propriety HTNET technology creates an encrypted wireless network at your location to deliver superior reliability and security compared to traditional Wifi.

Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud technology provides the benefits of the cloud such as real-time reporting and redundant back-up while maintaining the advantages of a local system including faster speed and the ability to operate if Internet goes down.

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Learn how you can become a Harbortouch merchant today!


  • Accept cash, checks, credit and debit directly through your POS system
  • Track inventory and monitor stock depletion
  • Manage employee schedules and productivity
  • Track employee hours with a built-in time clock
  • Comprehensive reports provide a top-level picture of your business


  • Increase checkout efficiency
  • Inventory tracking minimizes shrinkage
  • Reduce checkout and pricing errors
  • Robust reporting saves time and reduces accounting/bookkeeping expenses


  • Each POS system is custom programmed to your specifications
  • Experienced and certified installation professionals make sure your system is set up correctly the first time
  • 24 hour in-house customer service and technical support, complete with remote support


The Harbortouch POS system is easy to use, easy to maintain and features an extremely durable, high clarity 15″ touch screen display, lightning fast processor and abundant memory. This POS system has a small footprint, allowing you to place it just about anywhere in your business and its rugged design is liquid and tamper resistant. Unmatched in durability and reliability, a Harbortouch POS system will provide a point of sale solution for years to come. Not only that, but every Harbortouch POS system comes with a lifetime warranty! If the equipment ever breaks or malfunctions, we’ll replace it for free! **

Ready to Revolutionize Your Business!