How It Works

Check & ACH Processing

Enabling merchants to accept and process checks electronically in all environments, safely and securely.
Solutions for merchants that are accepting paper checks or need to electronically ACH debit a checking account.

Electronically deposit paper checks

How It Works

  1. Paper check is received in the mail or at the point-of-sale
  2. Check scanned through a check reader that is connected to a POS terminal or virtual terminal
  3. Consumer checking account electronically debited and merchant funded

ACH Debit a checking account

How It Works

  1. Consumer or Business authorizes an electronic ACH debit to their checking account
  2. Transaction information uploaded to Sage Payment Solutions EFT through a variety of options (virtual terminal, payment gateway, API, or batch file)
  3. Consumer checking account electronically debited and merchant funded

Electronic Check Programs

Description of the check and ACH processing solutions that are available.
Risk Management

Solutions for lowering the risk of accepting check and ACH payments as a form of payment.

Tools for supporting a successful check processing program.

Applicable Merchant Types

  • Retail
  • Services
  • Bill Payments
  • B2B
  • eCommerce

Merchant Benefits

  • Easily integrates into most existing point-of-sale hardware or payment gateways
  • Skip the time consuming trip to the bank
  • Increase sales through accepting more payment types
  • Eliminate banking fees and paper check handling costs
  • Reduce bad checks with Verification and Guarantee options
  • Detailed online reporting of all activity